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Your Rabbit’s Environment


A metal cage may be used with a wire flooring of 14-gauge wire. The size of the cage should be 36”x 36” high. A solid floor area is necessary to prevent sore hocks and to provide a resting area. You can use a towel (unless you have a pet that likes to eat towels) or a piece of carpeting or wood for a solid area. We have found that the synthetic fleece cloth sold in fabric stores works very nicely, as it is washable and if the pet chews on it there are no long strands of fabric that can get caught in the digestive tract. Newspaper can be used under the wire. Do no use aquariums or walled cages, because the lack of sufficient air circulation has been directly correlated with the increase of respiratory disease.

A dilute bleach solution (1 Tablespoon per quart of water) can be used to clean and disinfect housing areas and bowls. Always rinse thoroughly after disinfecting with bleach.

In the House

When your bunny is roaming the house, make sure his or her activity is supervised and be sure you eliminate all areas that your pet can get wedged in or escape from. Also watch out for electrical cords, which they like to chew on, carpeting, which they can dig up and chew, and any toxic material such as rodent poison that your pet could get into. Get on your hands and knees and bunny proof your home.