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Yearly Health Recommendations

Physical Exams
The physical exam is the single most important service you can provide your pet to extend their life. Early detection of diseases is the key to treatment and cures.

Blood work
We highly recommend yearly blood panels to screen for infection and disease of the internal organs that the doctor can not detect on physical examinations. Yearly blood screenings go hand in hand with the physical examination to give us an overall picture of your pet’s health.

Between 1-3 million people in the USA are infected each year with internal parasites that pets can transmit. A yearly fecal floatation is recommended by this hospital and the CDC to check for these parasites. Early detection and eradication of intestinal parasites is key to protecting you, your pet and your family.

Concern over Canine Heartworm Disease is on the rise in the Tucson area. Heartworms are transmitted by a mosquito bite. Heartworm larva settle in the heart and grow into thin “spaghetti like” worms . A simple blood test can diagnose this fatal disease and a tasty chewable tablet can prevent your dog from becoming infected. Heartworm prevention is recommended year round. Retesting is required every three year or sooner if you pet has missed a month or more of prevention.

Flea and Tick Control
Don’t just treat it! Prevent it! We have many safe preventions to fit your needs and pets lifestyle.

Skin and Coat Care
For routine bathing of your pet, we recommend Hylyt or Allergroom shampoo. Many commercial shampoos contain soap and other chemicals that can dry the skin and dull the coat. Dry and flaky skin can lead to discomfort and scratching. Hylyt and Allergroom are both soap free, gentle shampoos that leave your pet clean, comfortable and smelling great!

Vaccination needs are different for each pet based on their lifestyle. We will customize your pet’s vaccinations each year. Vaccine requirements change if your indoor pet becomes an outdoor pet, or if your pet is going to be boarded or groomed. Please call us for vaccine advice if your pet’s lifestyle changes to ensure your pet is properly protected.