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Training a Bird to Talk

This depends on the ability of the species to talk. Parakeets, cockatiels, and many parrots are excellent mimics. However, talking ability is the only thing bird’s offer as pets.

Repetition, as expected, is the key to teaching a bird to talk. Many people utilize sound recordings–whether commercially produced or homemade that features a clear feminine voice. For this to work, use a quiet location free of distractions. Remove food and toys from the cage. Your bird will learn because it is forced to listen to the tape for about 20 minutes. If it appears that bird is not listening, observe it until you discover the source of distraction and eliminate it.

It is sufficient for such training sessions to take place once in the morning and once in the evening. Many people have had success by singing to your bird.

Once a bird has accomplished three words even though this feat may have taken months it will be able to pick up words and sentences quite easily. It’s easy to teach words on command through food rewards.

By providing for your bird’s social needs and companionship through training, You and your new pet will reward with many years of enjoyment and friendship.