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Fleas in Kittens

Fleas do not stay on your pet all of their time. Occasionally, they will jump off and seek another host. Therefore, it is important to kill fleas on your new pet before they can become established in your house. Many of the flea control products that are safe on adult cats or dogs are not safe for kittens. Any product can potentially cause problems especially in young or sick animals. We can help you determine what is best for your pet.

If you use a flea spray, your pet should be sprayed lightly, avoiding the eyes and mouth areas. Be sure to spray the feet and ears as these are favorite sites for parasites Flea and tick dips are generally not recommended for kittens.

There are some products that are given only once per month; and can be used in kittens as young as six weeks. Revolution is a topical heartworm and flea preventive that is both safe and cost effective. Frontline is another product that kills adult fleas and has good residual effect. These products when used properly are safe and effective in controlling external parasites. We can help you to choose which product is best based on your pet’s age weight and condition.