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Parasite Control

Fecal Analysis: Between 1-3 million people in the USA are infected each year with internal parasites that pets can transmit. A yearly fecal floatation is recommended by this hospital and the CDC to check for these parasites. Early detection and eradication of intestinal parasites is key to protecting you, your pet and your family.

Heartworms: CoimagesCAVSQGPVncern over Canine Heartworm Disease is on the rise in the Tucson area. Heartworms are transmitted by a mosquito bite. Heartworm larva settle in the heart and grow into thin “spaghetti like” worms . A simple blood test can diagnose this fatal disease and a tasty chewable tablet can prevent your dog from becoming infected. Heartworm prevention is recommended year round. Retesting is required annually.

Flea and Tick Control: Don’t just treat it! Prevent it! We have many safe prevention methods to fit your needs and pets lifestyle.