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Animal Nutrition

Managing Nutrition for Weight and Health in PetsRiver Road Pet Clinic is dedicated to the total care and health of your pets. An area recently gathering momentum is proper nutrition for animals. Proper pet nutrition isn’t just important for the overall wellness and weight management of your animals, but there are a lot of health benefits for lasting ailments such as skin problems or diseases.

We work with you to determine not only the correct nutritional balance but also to help diagnos issues that might simply be dietary. We can then work to correct problems that otherwise might be treated unnecessarily.

One of the more important components for general health is to make sure you are feeding your pets the correct food for your size and species. This is especially important for animals in the beginning stages of their life. For instance, kittens and puppies need the proper balance of nutrients, fat, protein and vitamins to stimulate proper growth. As they mature into other stages of their life, their diet changes accordingly, just like in humans.

Give us a call today if you are not sure if you are providing the proper diet for your animals or if you believe that you may have health issues related to their diet. We can work with you to determine a best course of action going forward.