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But We Want Puppies….Why Do We Need to Spay Her?

Oct 14, 2013


Everyone loves puppies. I have some clients who hold off on their dog’s spay because they think they want to breed her and have a litter of puppies.  The question is “Do we need more puppies?” There are thousands of unwanted dogs and puppies of all shapes and sizes in animal shelters all over the country.

Spaying your dog will also prevent numerous health issues down the road. Mammary gland cancer can result if a dog is left unspayed. Many of these cancers are malignant and warrant major surgery. Some can metastasize (spread) to other organs.

Pyometra can also occur in the unspayed dog. Pyometra is an infection in the uterus. Patients with pyometra usually present shortly after their heat cycle is finished. Clinical signs will often include a pus type discharge from the vulva, decrease in energy, decrease in appetite, and generalized malaise.  At River Road  Pet Clinic we will check labwork which will include a complete blood count to check for an elevated white blood cell count, a general chemistry panel which will check function of liver and kidneys and two X-rays of the abdomen to see if we can visualize the often enlarged uterus. Once a pyometra is diagnosed surgery is needed. Many of these dogs have an infection which has spread into their bloodstream. Surgery to remove the infected uterus is usually curative, unless the infection has spread to other organs. Then, longer term antibiotics are also warranted. Most of these patients will have a complete recovery. Needless to say, treatment of a pyometra is much more costly than doing a routine dog spay.

So spay your wonderful companion before health issues arise!